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Greenup Lawn and Weeds

A lush, green, weed free lawn, tree and shrubs that are healthy is what we promise to South Florida’s residents. Fleming lawn care will help you achieve you goal of having the best lawn on the block. Our professional lawn care service gives you a great lawn fertilizer, all Lawn destroying insects control, disease control, and broad leaf weed control program.

Fleming Lawn and Shrub Services will customize your lawn care maintenance service program to your specific need. With us you will enjoy your topnotch green, weed free lawn or those beautiful Florida trees and shrubs without any worry’s. Our treatments, we will prevent diseases and insects that can harm or destroy your landscapes. Fleming Lawn and Shrub Services take great pride for their excellent customer service as well as their quick response time. We are dedicated in providing you the highest quality of service you can find. Our professional team is driven by our goal of giving each customer the satisfaction they deserve along with the most beautiful lawn you’ll find.

Fleming Lawn and Shrub Services is capable of servicing all your lawn care, and pest control needs you may have. We will eliminate any possible or existing insect threats you may have. With over 30 years of combined experience in the industry, you will get the results you want quickly. We have numerous Testimonials by our customers that will give you the idea of how happy we can make you. Whether you have insects or just want to have your dream landscape, contact us for a free assessment.


For tree and shrub care Fleming Lawn and Shrub Services will apply different types of fertilizers to achieve the best results. We will use granular and liquid slow release fertilizers that contain micro nutrient ingredients. These additives are vital in the fertilizers used in South Florida because our soil naturally has nutrient deficiencies in our soil. Some key ingredients found in the nutrients are magnesium, iron, and manganese. Fleming staff have the knowledge and training to care for your beautiful Florida landscape.

Palm and Ficus Hedge Whitefly Care

Fleming Lawn and Shrub Services provides insect control, and fertilization for Palm trees and Ficus Hedge. We will apply the proper blend of nutrients and Systemic Product to keep your trees healthy and free of Whitefly’s.

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Lawn Maintenance

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