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We don`t Just promise more… We deliver more!

At Fleming Lawn and Pest Services we protect your home or business with superior care. Unlike the “Big Pest Control companies” we don’t pay our technicians based on how many locations they treat in a day. Our Technicians work a 40 hour week and don’t have to cut corners to rush from one job to another to make a living wage.

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What We Provide

We deliver Pest Control that is designed to eliminate all household insects with an outside perimeter application. Our goal is to keep you and your pets safe from any unnecessary use of product inside the house unless needed as last resort.

Our Landscape Care will keep your Lawn and Ornamental green and healthy. Your Lawn will be free of insects, broadleaf weeds, and disease.

Mosquito control that is designed to target all living and breeding areas on your property. We use the latest and most effective equipment to deliver maximum results.

In addition to the above service,s we provide a variety of services that will help keep your home and landscape healthy and beautiful.

Fleming Lawn and Pest Services is a family owned and operated company with over 30 years combined experience in the industries. Our Reliable services and total customer satisfaction includes quick response times, environmentally responsible programs, customized services and our trained field Technicians will guarantee your total satisfaction.

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