Whiteflies Control and Prevention

Whitefly Overview

Whiteflies are tiny insects that feed on the underside of the leaves of vegetation. They are so tiny that the largest species of whiteflies are 5 mm long at their biggest. Visually they look like miniature moths because of their color. They lay their eggs on the underside of the leaves of host plants and that is where they remain and feed until they reach adulthood and can spread to other plants to reproduce. They feed by sucking the slowing sap out of the leaves of plants.



There are an estimated 1200 different species around the world and about 100 of those species live in various areas of North America. Of those species that reside in North America, they live in areas that have mild winters and warm summers. They are found year round in the south and southern coastal states of the United States. When they are present in northern areas of North America, they are indoor pests that reside mainly in greenhouses and indoor gardens.


It is rare that they get to a point of infestation, but it is very possible. When these infestations do occur, they can pose a major threat to indoor and outdoor crops in a couple of ways. They can kill a plant due to feeding on the vegetation and stunting the plant’s ability to grow. When they are present, they secrete a substance known as honeydew and this is a substance that can cause mold and disease on a plant. This disease can spread to all the plants that they are infesting and can kill large numbers of plants quickly.


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