Pest Control and Prevention

Locally owned and operated!

Fleming Lawn and Pest Services has been providing quality pest control services since its foundation. Our wide range of our clientele include; Commercial, Residential and Apartment communities. We are dedicated to maintaining high standards of customer service, quality service, remaining progressive and innovative as a company in the industry.

Pest can contaminate a home and turn it into a nightmare. When your home is invaded by unwanted guest it may time to call the professionals. Fleming Lawn and Pest Services is ready to give you back the home you once had so you can return to a life of normalcy and great standard of living.

When it comes to pest, they are by no means created equal. Each pest type carries with its unique challenges and methods of elimination. Regardless of the pest however there are certain ground rules which are always fundamental to pest control. For instance, the best method to eradicating pest is to prevent them from becoming a problem in the first place. As a rule, if you already see them it may be too late and very hard to gain control, so always call Fleming Lawn and Pest Services for help immediately. We will complete a full inspection and then come up with a By-Monthly or Quarterly customized program to achieve complete satisfaction.

Licensed, Trusted Pest Control Services

At Fleming Lawn and Pest Services, we protect your home or business with superior care. Unlike the “Big Pest Control companies” we don’t pay our technicians based on how many locations they treat in a day.