Bee Overview

Bees can be beneficial, but they can also be extremely dangerous, especially for people with allergies.

There are some things that all bees have in common. All bees sting. When they sting, they release a pheromone that chemically communicates to the rest of the hive that there is danger. This means that some bees can attack in swarms, which has the potential to kill people. Bees die after they sting someone, leaving their stinger and venom sacs attached. These sacs will continue to release venom until empty. Bees all communicate by dancing.



Bees all live in beehives and the bees inside them consist of three groups: workers, drones, and queens. Unlike ants, there is only one queen per hive, but the function is the same. The queen oversees reproduction and has a longer lifespan than workers or drones. The workers are all sterile females and are generally the smallest. The drones are males.


The queen lays eggs in the cells of the honeycombs of the beehive. The workers nurture the larvae, which undergo several before pupating. After 16-24 days, fully mature bees emerge.

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There are many types of bees, with different levels of danger and different ways to deal with them. The most common and most harmless is the honeybee. Like all bees, honeybees sting, but they are unlikely to do so except when provoked. Honeybees don’t attack in swarms, but do swarm to reproduce, something that they do in May or June. They are the nice ones that people use for honey and that pollinate plants.

Africanized honeybees are not nice. They come in colors from yellow to black, and while they can look like honey bees, they are less productive and more aggressive. They make less wax, less honey, and they attack in packs. One of their triggers is high-pitched noises. They will chase a person up to a quarter of a mile. They didn’t always exist in the U.S. 26 queens escaped from an experimental apiary in Brazil and have spread across the Southern United States.

Carpenter bees are more solitary than other bees, but they cause more damage to structures. They burrow into wood and make their nests there. They don’t like varnished or finished wood. They prefer natural wood. The females are the ones that sting.


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