Mite Description

There are thousands of mite species and are found mostly in every part of the world. They can affect every living thing from humans to plants and animals. Clover mites often explore tiny cracks or openings in your home to enter, dust mites always exist indoor, chigger mites attach themselves to people or pets. Well-fertilized gardens with fruit trees and vegetable crops can attract them as well.



Dust belongs to the arachnid class or spider. The majority of mite’s species measures less than 1mm long. Similar with another arachnid, mite’s body is consisting of prosoma and abdomen. Different from other insects in its class, a mite has two body segments and 4 pairs of pointed legs without wings and antenna.


Mites are also laid as eggs and develop as they go through larval and pupal stages before becoming adults. They can survive both in water and on land. Some mites are predators that feed on other mites; others feed on decaying materials, plants and also on animals. Though most mites are not dangerous, some are still regarded as parasites.


The sign of infestation greatly depends on the mite species but most are difficult to see via naked eye. Nevertheless, their movements across a surface can sometimes noticeable. Using a magnification can help in detecting these small creatures.

Plant-feeding mites have the ability to create a web much like a spider. They can cause discoloration and leaf drop to infested plants. Other likes like the clover mites are seen because of their bright red color.


A mite is a comprehensive category of pests that can cause various health problems to a human being. Itching caused by mites may result in a serious infection while dust mites can be a source of allergic reactions and worse, asthma attacks. Mites that attack animals can cause skin irritation called mange. Spider mites are troublesome to poultry and spider mites to plant crops.


Controlling mites also depends on the species that caused the problems. The most popular way is using natural pesticides for plants; household pest control for those that exist inside the house, keeping the animals clean and their area sanitized may help. Detecting the mite species first is paramount to determine the solution need to control them. If none of the treatments you used seems to be effective, you can call your local pest control service provider so you can finally say goodbye to these pests.


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