Rats Overview

Rats belong to the rodent family and come in various medium-sized, long-tailed forms. Rats are usually differentiated from mice by their size. Typically, the large muroid rodents are called “rats”, while the smaller muroids are named “mice”.



Rats tend to share many of the characteristics with other types of rodents. The two front incisors are large and they continue to grow throughout their life. Consequently, rats constantly engage in gnawing causing considerable damage to homes. Rats have a furry body and a scaly tail. The size, tail length, color, ear size, as well as fur texture typically differ among the rat species. While Norway rats are large and round in shape and size, the roof rats are long and sleek. The tail of a roof rat is longer than the body of the rat and the tail of the Norway rat does not seem to be as long as its body. The heads of rats are blunt and found with a long and pointed nose.


From being born to growing into adults, rats get mature within three weeks and start protecting and taking care of themselves. In about five weeks, the rodents reach sexual maturity and start mating soon after for producing the next generation. And this is how the rat life cycle begins over again. Rats’ life expectancy is about two to three years while many rats die after the first year because of predation and interspecies conflict.


Norway rats build their nests outside the walls of homes or in different clumps of vegetation while roof rats prefer arboreal habitats.


Rats and mice cause significant structural damage to homes, apartments, offices, etc. And they virtually damage any type of building with constant gnawing, nest-building, as well as defecation. Since their incisors keep growing during their entire life, they keep chewing on just about anything they find. The materials could be wood, paper, cloth, books, etc.


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