Spider Overview

Spiders are arachnids, not insects. Spiders are a very diverse group, and there are over 1,000 species of them in the United States alone.



Spiders have eight legs and most have eight eyes. They don’t have ears. They have mouthparts with fangs that inject venom. Most spiders are venomous, but very few are dangerous to humans. Spiders are the only type of arachnid that has special glands that produce silk. They don’t have ears. Instead, they feel vibrations with hairs on their legs.

The most effective way to combat spider infestations in the home is to call a pest control service. They know what they are doing, as well as what does and does not work combatting spiders.


Male and female spiders only hang around each other for the purposes of reproduction. A female can lay hundreds of eggs. They are protected by a silken sac that is either worn on the mother’s back or hidden on a web somewhere. They take two to three weeks to hatch. They molt several times before they mature, which can take up to a year.


The biggest weapon that spiders have is fear. They live practically everywhere, are hard to get rid of, and leave the evidence of their last kill in the form of spiderwebs around for all to see. Arachnophobia is the one most prevalent phobias around and it takes a toll on people. This fear has mostly to do with spider bites, but most spiders can’t do any harm to humans. The ones that can are the black widow, brown widow, and brown recluse spiders. Most people don’t stop to verify species. They just kill them.

Spiderwebs also collect dust and become cobwebs, which isn’t great for people with allergies.


Almost all spiders are predators, so finding and controlling them depends heavily on finding and destroying their food supply. Their food supply is insects, like mosquitoes, so getting rid of them is also a preventative measure against spiders.

Spider eggs and babies are so small that they can get in almost anywhere, so actually finding them is not a good control strategy. They like to breed in trash and wood piles, so regularly cleaning out the trash and wearing gloves while handling large amounts of wood are good strategies. Cleanliness is a good strategy as well because less clutter means fewer places to hide.


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