Wasp Overview

There are 30,000 different species of wasps all over the world. There are some that live solitary lives and do not sting and then there are others that live social lives and can sting when they feel threatened. Yellowjackets and hornets are common species of wasps that many people are familiar with.

Wasps differ from bees in a couple of ways including their pointed abdomen and the very skinny “waist” that connects the abdomen with the thorax. Wasps are also able to sting multiple times. Social wasps that live in nests and sting are the ones that can become a serious nuisance to people.



Wasps can be found all over the world. Social wasps live in nests that they build from plant fibers that they mix with their saliva in order to construct the nest. Different species of wasps have different preferences as to where they build their nests. They can build their nests in a wide range of places like trees, shrubs, voids underneath a home, holes in the ground, cavities in walls, and can even make their way into attics and lofts.

Entry and Damages

Wasps only need to find a small void in a wall or roof in order to be able to get into the house. They may also find a broken window or window screen in order to get it. There are, normally, four different reasons why wasps get into a person’s home; they are looking for food, they are looking for nesting sites, they are looking for safe places to hibernate and spend the winter, or they enter by accident.

Wasps can cause a range of damage to the people that inhabit the property and the property itself. They can infest the property or home and be the source of swarming events that can lead to serious physical harm that can result in an allergic reaction and possibly hospitalization. They are insects that let off a pheromone when they are in distress and that is a signal to the rest of the nest to come and help.

Control and Prevention

When a wasp infestation does happen there are steps that a property owner needs to take. They are going to want to call in a professional exterminator in order to remove the insects and their nest in a safe way. Once that happens the professional can let them know weak points of the structure where they may be getting in. The owner can go through and plug up all the holes and voids so this issue can be avoided in the future.


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