It’s Time for Pest Control Services If You See These Winter Pests!

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Ho-ho-ho! The festive season is approaching, but when pests are at home, it’s not fun! After all, the last thing you wish is for your guests to comment on your cleanliness just because of these nuisance pests!

However, cleanliness is not always a reason for pest infestation! Even the harsh winter climate in Jupiter can cause these crawling critters to invade your home or business. And Whenever you see any signs of infestation, you should not delay calling us for pest control services in Jupiter and take immediate action.

Moreover, Jupiter is the hub of these crawling critters found all year around. After all, you’re not the only one loving to enjoy the summer warmth of South Florida! But in winter, it increases!

Anyways, if you have no idea which common winter pests you can expect on your premises, you can read this guide we have shared here to have an idea. Let’s get started:

Rats and mice:

In Jupiter, mice and rats are the most common winter pests found almost in every home and business premises. Since these critters look forward to escaping the harsh cold climate, they invade properties for shelter by making holes in the walls or other gaps, like broken windows, drainage holes in the bathroom or kitchen sink, or from the basement or attics. Plus, what can be a better place than a kitchen, bathroom, or grocery store to access unlimited food and water, especially during this festive season?

And since the rates and mice are smart enough to stay hidden, you need to look for these signs so you can get pest control service ASAP to eliminate these pests from the root:

  • Droppings in the kitchen pantry, countertops, or floor

  • Teeth and gnawing marks on the pipes and walls

  • Hearing moving and running sounds from the attic or basement


Cockroaches can withstand the harsh cold climate of December! They hide in homes and businesses while laying eggs in the cracks and crevices of the walls. And as roaches can transmit disease, it’s a serious concern for you, especially while elders, pets, and kids are at home.


Generally, ants are the most common insects you can see all over the year in South Florida. But during winter, their chances of invading properties remain the most! Ants track in the kitchen mostly to search for water and food. And since your countertops remain full of delicious desserts and dishes during Christmas and New Year, you may see their entire colony there for a picnic!

Bottom Line

So, a bigger number of pests can invade your home during colder months. And if you want to get rid of these winter crawling critters ahead, contact us! We will be at your place for inspection and treatment! Stay connected!

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