Advice From Pest Control Services in Westlake for a New Home Purchase!

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The last thing you wish is problems and hassles in between the process of buying a new home in Westlake. And to ensure that everything goes smoothly, you need to take a few certain steps. One of those is calling the pest control services in Westlake because they can see those problems that you cannot see with naked eyes, like pest infestations. In a new house, pest infestation is, no doubt, essential!

Tips From Pest Control Services in Westlake to Eradicate Infestation

The most common pest you can find in the new homes while going to purchase is termites. This critter is usually known as the silent destroyer for the foundation of houses. If your new home is made mostly of wood, the chances are that termite infestation can chew through your flooring and even wallpaper. And you may have to spend double to fix all those!

In fact, research shows that termites cause around $5 billion in property damage each year in Westlake. That’s why a termite inspection is necessary before buying a new home or a property to avoid costly repairs, and we, Fleming Lawn and Pest Services are here to help you out.

A termite home inspection helps you determine if there is any termite damage on your property. Also, you can look over the conditions that can cause termite infestations, like cracks and crevices or moisture. We often suggest keeping an eye on the following signs of termite infestation that homeowners often miss:

  • If you have mud tubes on the home exterior, they can be a food source. It means the chances of this pest infestation increase!

  • Do you have softwood anywhere in your home that sounds hollow when you tap on it? There might be termites inside it!

  • When you find the wood structure of your home keeps darkening

  • Sawdust near your wooden furniture

In a nutshell

To avoid the termites, try to keep the woodpiles and firewood away from your home while diverting the rainwater away from exterior walls to prevent moisture that can attract termites. So, if you have found a termite infestation in your new home, contact us now! Stay connected!

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