Effective Tips That’ll Keep Your House Safe from Pests During Storms

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Storms can cause devastating effects on houses. That is why it’s significant for house owners to make sure their houses are ready for the harmful effects of these disasters. While bunkering down and reinforcing windows before extreme weather are top-most priorities, other hazards like pests still creep around long after a storm has passed.

Standing water and downed trees force several pest species to seek safe shelter and higher ground – oftentimes in our houses. To get ready for and fight pest populations days following a storm, make sure you follow these tips for pest control in Loxahatchee.

Amp Up Your Efforts of Pre-Storm Pest Control

Before the news of a potential storm starts rolling in, you can help prevent pests by conducting both exterior and interior inspections of your home. This will help you identify and address any structural problems that can worsen by the storm.

Cracks must be sealed using silicone-based caulk, existing water damages must be repaired, and the household must be sloped ensuring that the water will flow away from the foundation. Moreover, potential sites of pest breeding like mulch and garbage cans must be placed far from the home to keep pests away.

Drain Standing Water for Preventing Mosquito Breeding

Though it can seem that the heavy rains and flooding associated with storms will eliminate any existing mosquito populations effectively, the standing water can serve as a perfect breeding ground for them. Mosquitoes require only a bottle cap full (half an inch) of water for breeding.

Consequently, homeowners must assess and deal with standing water sources. This can be found in spaces where flood waters collect and in clogged gutters, birdbaths, grill covers, flowerpots, garbage lids, and cans. By emptying and draining these water containers, you will be able to put off the development of pest populations in your backyard.

Eliminate Damaged Debris and Tainted Food to Avoid Rodents and Flies

Spoiled food caused by power outages during awful weather may invite flies into your house. Flies generally breed in decomposing food, exposing people to disease. Deposit spoiled food in sealed trash bags outside your home to avoid flies.

Clutter and food waste can also attract rodents evacuated by the storms and seeking shelter and food. For this, making sure that leftover food is picked up in time is significant.

Recognize and Measure Any Water Damage to Stop Ant and Termite Infiltrations

Decomposing wood, caused by water damage, can attract termites – a pest that silently chews through the flooring, wood joists, etc. in addition, moisture around the property can over saturate the soil and cause pests living underground to seek shelter and higher ground inside your home. To alleviate these threats, eradicate decomposing debris that can harbor pests and fix damaged pipes to prevent water from pooling around the foundation of the building.

Wrapping up!

If you experience or suspect pest infestations in your house, contact a reputed professional of pest control in Loxahatchee. They’ll conduct a check and help you develop a treatment plan. A specialized assessment can help recognize any problems before they get uncontrollable.

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