How To Know If You Have Bed Bugs? 3 Signs You Must Look For!

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Worried about bed bugs in the house?

Bed bugs are extremely difficult to discover and even more difficult to eliminate, mainly if you reside in populated places.

But in spite of their craftiness, it is not impossible for homeowners to identify the early signs of bed bug infestation.

The best way to defend yourself & your family from this blood-sucking, tiny pests is to find out and eliminate them with the help of a pest control professional — prior to they reproduce & spread.

In this blog, we will explain some early signs of bed bugs and where they hide, and how to carry out an easy inspection of your house.


At times, the first clue that anything is wrong comes from the sense of smell. If you see a musty, unusual odor in the bedroom that does not seem to create from a clear source might be a sign of bed bugs.

Bed bugs produce pheromones in regards to being threatened or bothered. These pheromones create some odors that smell somewhat musty or sweet. People experiencing it describe it as similar to coriander, raspberries, almonds, or cilantro.

Usually, pheromones’ smell is faint — almost unnoticeable to the nose. if not you are a trained bed bug detecting canine.


Several people wake up to find strange bites as the primary bed bug sign.

Bed bugs are nocturnal pests that choose to feed on your blood while you sleep. So, their bites normally emerge on skin that’s exposed throughout the night. Common places where we get bitten are hands, legs, and arms.

However, professionals say that bites aren’t sufficient to identify a bed bug issue. That is for the reason that different people react differently to bed bug bites. So, there is no ultimate way to differentiate them from other pest bites. Actually, 35% of people do not exhibit skin reactions to bed bug bites.


Though we do not observe bed bugs when they are feeding on us, they do not always escape unharmed.

After bed bugs become distended with blood, its seed-like, flat look changes into a bloated, round football-like look. If you shift or move your body in sleep, you may squeeze or crush bed bugs that just completed feeding. This will cause bloodstains.

Wrapping Up!

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