Need a Solution for Pest Control? Know What Attracts Pests in Jupiter!

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Keeping pests out of your home is truly challenging! In Jupiter, countless homeowners encounter this nuisance. Of course, you can contact a reliable pest control company to get rid of this issue. But do you know about the things that attract pests in a home?

Well, to get help, we have compiled a few common things that can be enticing for pests to live in a house. So, keep reading!

What Attracts Pests in a Home


Insects are attracted to piles of garbage. Hence, as a homeowner, you should immediately clean up trash and secure the bag once it’s filled. The common areas in a home to keep trash and clutter are the garage, basement, and attic. These areas are usually for storage, which is prone to clutter.

Dirty Dishes

Whether it’s a kitchen or other areas of a home, dirty dishes are one of the most attractive food sources for pests. Leaving dirty dishes can quickly attract cockroaches and rodents. Therefore, if you want to keep pests out of your home, clean the dishes immediately after eating. Piled-up dishes that are half-filled with water are also an appealing buffet to them.


It’s easy to collect a massive amount of paper. Bills, magazines, and catalogs may pile up over time. But if you don’t store them properly, these documents can become a hiding place for pests.


Dampness attracts different types of pests. And certain pests, such as mosquitoes, bugs, and spiders, love standing water. Remember, mosquitoes need a water source to lay their eggs. Therefore, it can become a real problem if your home is located near a river, lake, or pond. A dripping faucet can attract rodents. Check the images on Pinterest to witness.

Clogged Gutters

In Jupiter, homeowners often ignite cleaning gutters. But do you know that a clogged gutter can be a perfect place for pests to live? So, keep your gutter clean at least twice a year.


Firewood is sufficient to welcome pests in your home. Apart from providing food or shelter, it can also be a great breeding ground. Rodents, spiders, ants, and other unpleasant visitors love a home with a stack of firewood. Firewood can also be preloaded with problems if they are gathered from a tree that houses a lot of pests. In this situation, you should immediately call a pest control service.

One can keep pests out of their home with some simple housekeeping habits. But if it’s out of your control, don’t hesitate to contact us and get a free estimate! The eco-friendly pest control products we use are completely safe. So, rely on us!

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