Pest Control in The Acreage: What to Know About Bee Removal?

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Are you one of those who feel panic and nerve-wracking hearing the buzzing sounds of bees close to them? Then, the last thing you probably wish for is bee infestation on your property. But the mistake you make is when you discover the source of bees, you try to remove that yourself instead of calling us for pest control in The Acreage! But bee removal is not a DIY task. Professional pest control experts handle it best!

Tips from Pest Control Pros: Bee Removal Facts to Know

Relax! You are not the only one who panics when seeing stinging insects. It’s an initial response that comes from most property owners, and we understand that. However, discovering bees around your property from time to time is no wonder, especially when you have a colorful flower garden. But once you have spotted the bee colony, you should call us for bee hive removal rather than trying it yourself!

You may wonder what’s wrong with removing the bee nest yourself when it’s easy to reach. Well, there are two reasons:

First, bee removal is dangerous, especially when you are an amateur at this! After all, the chances of getting bee stings increase for you. Bees feel disturbed and threatened when anyone attacks their hive. Yet, these stinging insects try to sting and come in dozens at a time. Recent studies show that around 5% of the population is found to be allergic to bee stings. And the allergic reaction can be severe when you experience multiple stings from a swarm of bees.

Second, killing the bees, like firing their hives, is not a solution because these insects are a part of the ecosystem. Bumblebees and honeybees have a great role in pollination. Humans depend on bees. Yet, keeping them alive is necessary. And for that, handling the bees with care is important, which only professional pest control experts can do. We try to remove bee nests without hurting the stinging insects and our clients!

Aren’t There Any Bee Removal DIY Treatments?

Yes, there are. But it can do more harm to you than good! In the market, bee sprays are available that are quite effective at killing these stinging insects. Maybe it can provide you with an instant solution to get rid of bees without waiting for our pest control professionals to arrive, assess, and treat them.

But spraying on the bee hives is not the best course of action! The chances of getting stung remain there! After all, the bee spray doesn’t kill these stinging insects every time. Instead, it can trigger them and make those angry enough to attack you.

To Conclude

So, why risk your health when we are at your service for pest control in The Acreage? Contact us when you find the bee problem appears dangerous! We will assess your bee problem and make the treatment strategy accordingly for bee removal because the approach of ‘One-size-fits-all’ doesn’t fit here. Besides, we provide services, even to prevent infestation for common household pests as well. Stay connected!

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