Professional Mosquito Control Tips to Protect Yourself in Summer!

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Summer is here already in Jupiter, and it means when the sun is out, so are the mosquitoes! Research shows that Anvil 10+10 is used in the US to control mosquitoes at ground level and as an aerial spray containing Sumithrin and Piperonyl butoxide. Sumithrin is similar to a natural component registered by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and is highly effective for killing this insect. But even after applying this, when you find your barbeque fun to get ruined by the pesky mosquitoes attacking you, it’s time you call our professional mosquito control team!

Smart Tips From Professional Mosquito Control Experts to Stay Safe

Do you know that only in North America, over 170 species of mosquitoes are there? Yet, you can understand the importance of professional mosquito control even after applying Anvil 10+10! Also, you need to know how to keep yourself and your family protected from mosquitoes during the summer months. And with our expert tips, you may get some ideas:

Choose the correct apparel:

To stay protected against mosquito bites, you better look for some tightly woven outfits that they cannot penetrate! For example, synthetic fibers that you can find on athletic clothing can keep you safe. But linen or cotton clothes are not a great option to avoid mosquito bites. Contrarily, choose light colors over darker ones because mosquitoes get more attracted to dark-colored clothing. Maybe you find it crazy to set your wardrobe as per an insect’s preference, but you will be thankful to us later!

Keep in mind the peak hours of mosquitoes:

Recent studies say that mosquitoes remain more active between dusk and dawn, especially in the evening and early morning. It’s better to limit your outdoor activity at that time. And if that’s not possible, try to be careful about choosing clothes!

Blow the mosquitoes away:

Maybe you know that mosquitoes are not that great flyers! So, you can shift your barbeque plan to somewhere in a breezy location or where you can arrange fans. Try to keep the airflow at the lower half of your body to avoid mosquitoes!

Bottom Line

The tips mentioned above are essential to follow if you really want to keep the mosquitoes away. Besides these, you can take other measures to protect your home and family from this insect during summertime. And if you find the mosquitoes taking over your backyard, call us for Jupiter pest control services. We ensure the best protection for your family and pets! Stay in touch!

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