Separate Pest Control Myths and Misconceptions from the Fact!

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You are WRONG if you think that pests can be just in rural areas. The Acreage bestrides the agricultural-rural western portions of Palm Beach County and the western fringes of the highly developed eastern portion.

But no matter which side you live on, you cannot get rid of those nuisance uninvited guests. Yes, we are talking about the pests! But most times, you try to handle the infestation alone instead of calling us for pest control in The Acreage because of the myths you believe in.

However, it is time to disprove all those misconceptions about pests and pest control. Let’s get started!

Get Over Those Commonly Held Pest Control Myths You Have Believed So Far

Most common household pests in The Acreage are nothing new! And since it is an age-old issue, many misconceptions and false information abound about how to control the critters and what brings them home.

But now, you need to deal with those pest control myths and know the facts. Such as:

Myth #1: No cheese at home means no mice!

Do you really think so? Then, we will say that you should blame cartoons for creating such a misconception in your mind! And that is why many people use cheese in house traps to lure mice.

But actually, they like sweeter foods more, like peanut butter. So, while using traps to control mice, use this as a trap instead of cheese. But better if you let our pest control experts handle it!

Myth #2: Owning pets does not let pests invade!

Not really! Maybe you think owning dogs or cats is a way to prevent pest infestation, like bugs and rats. But they do not intend to hunt because they prefer having the nourishing food you feed them.

Also, having such pets at home can attract more critters, like fleas and bugs they carry. Besides, other pests invade your home because of the leftover treats in their food bowls.

Myth #3: Having pests at home means a dirty home!

It does not have to be at all! The critters can invade your home without your knowledge. So, you do not have to fear that the bed bugs or rodents at home mean your premises are unclean. Research shows that even the tidiest home in The Acreage has a pest infestation.

Yet, no matter how many steps you take to keep your home pest-free and clean, pests can enter your home. And you cannot eradicate them from the root without professional pest control services.

To Conclude

So, when you find traces of pest infestation on your premises, call us for pest control in The Acreage instead of trying to handle that yourself! We ensure to assess the situation and eliminate pests completely. Stay connected!

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