Termites Removal: 3 Pest Control Ideas to Get Rid of Termites!

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Handling pest problems is not new for homeowners living in West Palm Beach. They often have to deal with some common pest species, like bed bugs, rodents, cockroaches, termites, and spiders. Of all these critters, termites prove to be the most damaging and troublesome as well because when you realize termite infestation at home, it means that the damage is already done. Yet, we are here to tell you the early signs of termites and suggest some natural ways to get rid of them.

Pest Control Solution to Remove Termites Naturally

The most common signs of termites infestation at home remain in front of you that you often overlook. Instead, you better look out for these indications:

  • Termite droppings in your home
  • Mud tubes around the corner of your home that termites use for shelter
  • Holes on the dry walls
  • Is your wooden flooring sagging? That’s a sign of termites infestation at home
  • Maze-like patterns on your wooden belongings
  • Doors and windows get stuck

While finding any of these signs on your premises, you should take some steps to prevent the infestation. We suggest following our methods for termite removal in natural ways. Such as:


Generally, termites thrive in damp wooden furniture and dark places. Sunlight exposure is a good idea to kill the termites or reduce the infestation. For example, if you doubt your furniture has termites, bring it outside in the sun. And while there’s a termite nest on a tree, trim the branches to expose them to sunlight.

Cardboard trap:

To control termite infestation, you can place a damp cardboard piece made of cellulose close to the infested spot in your home. Termites usually smell cellulose in the damp cardboard and come to feed on it. Yet, you can pick that and throw it away from home or apply natural insecticide on it.

Make sure you keep repeating the process until you find there’s no termite on the cardboard piece. Still, if you don’t get desired results, contact us for a permanent solution.

Hot or cold treatment:

Termites can survive neither hot temperatures nor cold temperatures. Yet, hot and cold treatments are great ways to prevent termite infestation. Either you can leave the infested wooden furniture exposed to cold temperature (15 degrees) for at least five days or treat it in hot air at a temperature of 140 degrees.

However, if you get professional termite removal from us, you can call us and get a quote if required. Stay in touch!

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